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Puneet Kaushik

Puneet Kaushik

Puneet Kaushik is a perceptive artist who through his works probes the very essence of being. His works are intensely personal, finding abstract expressions in conceptual definitions of space- emotional, mental and social. These works often exhibit a fascination with the human body in all its visceral detail, including abundant use of the colour red. The impact and scale of his sculptural works is enunciated by the delicate usage of wire-mesh along with traditional textiles and elements. Overall, it becomes a manifestation of duality, a fine balance of light and shadow, gravity and lightness, silence and speech, and most importantly, of inner and outer self. He is scratching the periphery to expose the core in order to connect with the basic self.

Puneet Kaushik’s works have been exhibited at Gallery Espace; Alliance Francaise de Delhi; Takashimaya, Tokyo, Japan; Kala Art Gallery, San Francisco; Modern Primitive Gallery, Atlanta and many others.

He has participated in several art workshops and camps and is the recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship, Department of Culture, Government of India (2000-2002) and was Nehru Research Associate, Jawaharlal Nehru Trust (1998-2000).

The artist lives and works in New Delhi.

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