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Barren Red

Barren Red

November 12, 2016 – December 20, 2016

Artworks in Exhibition

In times of developing and development, we accommodate and bridge the unexplored desire of being. Our focus is far from humanitarianism. The areal view of the territorial landscape in red, is a perception of the future in this crazy world of terrorism. The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims with in the self…with in boundaries and no boundaries. Like a river of blood as, the faith is flowing away from its core. The red that flows under all our skin, trickles down to unaccommodating boundaries that divides and distinguishes the self within us . The body’s largest organ, skin contains a whole biological and cultural history within its layers—in a way, similar to the pigments of paint in
an artwork, fibers in clothes, or the architectural makeup of a building.. Parallel life’s, conventional and unconventional… giving fodder to the self and living in a society. Flying and yet tieing the self to the norms of the obvious
Communal coming together of geographical and emotional yet territorial transformation of the scape. Like the openness of the sky and its constitution and the dots and structures of line , geometrical patterns… that we recreate on earth. Almost like filling up the dots in kolams and dot grids …All my works are sensitive to their environment—perhaps an attempt to take possession of a space. It is impossible for me to ignore the context the works are born in…In tears comes laughter concealed…. seek the treasure beneath the ruins.


Installation Shots

Gallery Espace
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