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Transits of a Wholetimer – J. Swaminathan: Years 1950-69

Transits of a Wholetimer – J. Swaminathan: Years 1950-69

Title: Transits of a Wholetimer – J. Swaminathan: Years 1950-69
Pages: 157
Year: 2012
Text :
1) Director’s Note
2) Transits of Wholetimer by S. Kalidas
3) Auto-Bio Notes
4) The Aham Pictures: Family Albums and Sketchbooks 1956-59
5) Exercises and Illustrations
6) Postcards 1958-60
7) Selected Exhibition Catalogues 1960-69
8) Group 1890
9) Selected works 1963-64
10) Contra 66 Issues and Letters
11) Articles from the Cube and the Rectangle 1967-69
12) Selected Reviews
13) Selected Works 1956-93

ISBN 13 978-81-908504-4-5

Extract :

‘…Swaminathan was fond of quoting Gandhiji’s famous saying “My life is an indivisible whole”. The quote ties up with his favorite sloka from the Isa Upanishad:

Purnam adah purnam idam / purnat purnam udichyate

Purnasya purnamadaya / purnam eva vashishyate

“That is whole, this is whole, whole comes from the whole. The whole subbstracted from the whole, remains whole.”

Swaminathan, or Swami, as he was called, was quite taken by this metaphysical concept of the ‘whole’ or ‘totality’. It came handy when he mocked the notions of Progress and History. “Progress assumes a beginning and this, a Creator. How can there be progress in infinity?” he argues in his unfinished autobiographical notes.

In his painting, too, perhaps by intent, he completed the circle, as it were, by returning to the kind of pictorial imagery at the end of his life that he had started out with in the early 1960s….”



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