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Recent Work by Zarina Hashmi

Recent Work by Zarina Hashmi

Title: ZARINA HASHMI: Recent Work
Year: 2011
1) “A Sacred Geometry of Light and Dark: The Radiant Transits of
Zarina Hashmi” by S. Kalidas
2) “Conversation with My Self” | Zarina Hashmi

ISBN: 978-81-9085046-9


“I don’t have enough time to tie my end to my beginning.’


I have been engaged in a conversation with myself for a long time, trying to understand how and why I got here.

I did not have a formal art education, never considered the reality of being an artist. It was the years I spent in my father’s house, the house with four walls, which trained my eye. As a child I looked at things with great concentration. I memorized the steps that defined the day: the sun coming up, the shadows changing, night swallowing daylight and then the darkness. I did not realize that this would one day become my vocabulary, a form of artistic expression.”



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