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Paper Houses : Zarina

Paper Houses : Zarina

Title: Zarina : Paper Houses
Pages: 65
Year: 2006
Text :
1) A Personal Language of Geometry and Architecture : Robert Kimbril
2) A Conversation with Zarina in New York with Geeti Sen

“Zarina’s work in New York in the 1970s and 1980s shifted and scme, as a surprise, to include this group of cast-paper sculptures. Up until about 1982 most of these were of outwardly geometric shapes, such as squares and rectangles, into which other smaller geometric shapes had been formed and arranged in patterns over flat surfaces. Although the sculptures were framed within the simplest and most iconic geometry, the struck the eye at that time with a kind of start: they were dramatic and arresting and were so original that they appeared at first to have had no background in Zarina’s earlier work.

“The sculptures did, however, have a history and that history was one which traced and joined two lines of thought – about architecture and about paper – from the past. Zarina recounts, about her life, that she moved around the world and brushed up agaianst the architecture of other places, and that she later recast her memory of old structures and ruins, fragments of their architecture came into her imagination as a vocabulary of geometric forms.”



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