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Lo Real Maraviloso

Lo Real Maraviloso

Title: Lo Real Maraviloso
Pages: 206
Year: 2009

Text :
1) Director’s Note
2) Introduction & essay ‘A Multitude of Selves’ by Gayatri Sinha
3) Curatorial Note by Sunil Mehra

ISBN 9788190850414

Extract :

“In the mid 1902’s Germany, the art critic Franz Roh invented a term, magic realism, that would describe European post expresiionism. He wrote “For the new art it is a question of representing before our eyes, in an intuitive way, the fact, the interior figure of the exterior world”.

Working with and through magic realism in the domain of art throws up multiple propositions. Magic and realism as a binary both engage and contradict each other, making the domain of magic realism perpetually unstable. At the same time, magical realism has come to occupy a territory: “a development out of surrealism that expresses a genuinely Third World consciousness”. The long line of magical realist literature from within a third world, post colonial base engaging writers in the Americas, Africa and Asia ties magical realist art to a similar set of propositions: of the strength of the logos and of narrative, as the site of political and social critique.”



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