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Drawing ’94

Drawing ’94

Title: Drawing ’94
Pages : 105
Year : 1994
Details : Edited by Prayag Shukla
1) Some Notes on ‘Drawing ’94’ : Prayag Shukla
2) What is in a line? : KG Subramanyan
3) Drawing and the shifting Focus : Santo Datta
4) A Dialogue of Drawing : Bhupen Khakhar and Gulam Mohamed Sheikh
5) Line Drawings fo Ganga Devi : Jyotindra Jain
6) Between Drawing and Painting : Nilima Sheikh


“Like a goldsmith who draws out thick or thin wires from a piece of gold an artist draws out lines of various kinds from a drop of ink – this is how Abanindranath Tagore starts off the delightful text of his Sahaja Chitra Siksha (Easy Lessons in Painting). For him all kinds of line are latent in the drop. They are released by the magic of an artist’s hand or tool. And once released the artist follows their lead into the world of forms.

To start with, the lines are free and fortuitous. Then they follow the movements of the eye. Then the visions of the mind. They encircle shapes, chase or forestall movement, vibrate and vary in tension. They stretch and change and travel from shape to shape and establish kinships between. They cross-breed and create new forms. Then they traverse space. When on a bright day our eye darts straight to the horizon and when on a foggy day struggles shadow to shadow they follow suit. And learn to describe to us its expanse and density and feature forms between. Making of these is an event or sequence or story. In short, line is the breath of our vision, the inner and outer; it is through it that we apprehend and recreate what we see.”



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