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Pages: 67
Year : 2018
Text : ‘Constructing the Eco-Dimensions of Intangible Heritage’, essay by Kathleen L. Wyma

ISBN : 978-81-93023-92-1


“Con-struction represents the culmination of Arunkumar H.G.’s sustained artistic investigation into the forces of global production, urban expansion and the ecological toil of unbridled material consumption. Informed by both environmental and economic changes he witnessed in his natal region of the Western Ghats and the developmental initiatives unfolding around him in the urban environs of Gurgaon, this body of work conveys the pressing need to embrace recuperative husbandry. To evoke husbandry within the context of this exhibition underscores the artist’s cultivation of a more balanced approach to the use [or reuse] of available resources as a means to slow the unwieldy juggernaut of development and ecological attrition. While husbandry is rooted in the act of conservation, the recuperative aspects of Arunkumar’s practice manifests most succinctly in his deliberate repurposing of solid waste materials collected from rubbish bins, roadsides or abandoned mounds of building scraps to create many of his sculptural forms…”



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