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Cities, Countries and Borders: Prints by Zarina

Cities, Countries and Borders: Prints by Zarina

Title: Cities, Countries and Borders: Prints by Zarina
Year: 2004
Published : Gallery Espace, New Delhi & Gallery Chemould, Bombay
Pages : 20
1) Essay by Mary-Ann Lutzer-Milford


Cities, Countries and Borders is a series of maps of nice cities that have been destroyed, violated and in some instances obliterated. Five countries complement the cities: Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Holy Land. Each black and white map is a woodcut, a medium which has a history associated with forms of protest art that was used by the German Expressionists, Mexican political artists, and Chinese revolutionary artists in the 1920s and 1930s. In black and white, without shadows or layers, the message of the prints is direct and straightforward: to provide grim records of senseless destruction and violence. Yet Zarina’s characteristic spare monochromatic approach distances the events as reality. for her hope is in the memory of the event, the drawing of the places, and the recording of the names in urdu in elegant Nastaliq calligraphy. Use of Urdu is also homage to the forgotten language of India, which was meant to be means of communication for the people of India.”



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