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Amit Ambalal

Amit Ambalal

Title : Amit Ambalal
Pages : 120
Year : 2008
Text : Gayatri Sinha
Chapters :
One - Reflection
Two - The View From the Haveli
Three - Painterly Inversions

ISBN 978-81-90699-41-9

Blurb :

“Amit Ambalal (b. 1943) occupies a singular position as a satirist-painter who develops parody, caricature and mimicry into visual tropes. He usually works from the familiar and the domestic outwards, tentatively inhabiting unfamiliar worlds. In the present paintings, we may participate in his elliptical style of autobiographical narrative with Amit, his wife Raksha and their dog Dusky and the monkey god Hanuman – figures from known and imagined spaces, who confront change like brave, if somewhat bewildered travellers. The outcome is an alchemic mix of ideas that fosters a sense of dislocation.

This essay seeks to locate Amit Ambalal within a particular framework: his own roots in a mercantile family with strong traditions of devotion, his seminal research into the visually opulent 19th century school of Krishna as Shrinathji and reappearance of this twinned strain through his critique of figures of authority and faith. It covers nearly four decades of a practice marked by keen observation that is enriched through references to signs and visual coda, colloquial references and aphorisms. Ambalal’s work may be seen within a critical phase of Indian modernity, his adaptations and resistance, as he seeks to create a language that is both recognisable and intensely personal.”



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