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Confluence presents 25 paintings/collages created by Purvai Rai through the past year of the pandemic. For the 26-year-old artist, the last year marked a period of grief and anxiety; as the pandemic ripped through the city sparing none, her constant nightmare was – what if she carried the infection with her within the safety of her home where her parents lived? The works reflect upon the day-to-day life around her as much as the abstract encounters that haunt her, evoking the memories of tragedies she has witnessed through news reports and photographs.

ಬೂದಿ | BOODI (Ash)

Laden with cherry blossoms, their dense foliage etched against the sky, Iranna’s trees are the very image of nature’s beauty and bounty. But it is a beauty harnessed to a core of strangeness, to contemplation of the mystery at the core of life.  

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