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The shape things will take… | Valsan Koorma Kolleri | Puneet Kaushik

The shape things will take… | Valsan Koorma Kolleri | Puneet Kaushik

August 22, 2014 – September 20, 2014

Artworks in Exhibition

Conceptualised by Prima Kurien, the exhibition is a discourse between two artists spanning two different generations, and their unique way of engaging with space and material, unbound by conventional art practice or the preconceived language of academic expression. These artists have forged ahead to carve out their own artistic vocabulary and practice, which allows for emotionality and spontaneity and throbs with raw vitality. Valsan is already on his journey and has found his language; Puneet is beginning to define his own.

Whether these artists sculpt, draw, weave or paint, it is the compulsion of what they want to express that determines the material, medium or scale of their work. The medium becomes them and they become the medium .The transition from the two dimensional to multi dimensional is effortless and the separation ceases to exist – and the question as to, whether they are sculpting , drawing , weaving or just breathing becomes irrelevant.

Valsan’s works in copper wire weave together, lost and found objects with a history and archaeology, being assembled in a new time and space to have a different contextual meaning and value. To quote Roobina Karode “a newness of the old and the archaeology of the new”; Puneet on the other hand, weaves in different materials to create an autobiographical work – personal, visceral and stirring.

Meshing together materials unconventionally, they create a new value to the final product and are one of the main preoccupations of both the artists. They share a passion for the material they engage with and rejoice in the process of creation, allowing the material to master them and in the process procreate a form that is abstracted from the materials themselves. This new character of the work is the artists ‘intense involvement in the process.

“The shape that things will take” is at once, abstract and primordial. As Valsan puts it “Knowing is in action”. For both artists, Puneet in his act of blending and sewing different materials and Valsan, in his process of weaving in and out of spaces and wires, the process of creation becomes the aim and the resultant artwork, only a consequence.


Prima Kurien

Shruthi Isaac

July, 25th 2014


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