The Geometry of Error by Mekhala Bahal

The Geometry of Error by Mekhala Bahal

January 22, 2009 – February 28, 2009

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The spontaneous and the intuitive is what predominates Mekhala’s recent works. Every deemed error seems premeditated. Every random line seems to make manifest the uneven geography of the mind. And through it all runs an in-seam of the geometry, the cohesive logic of this cosmos. Bahl emphatically steers away from bland representation, easy access literalism. She wants that instead of trying to find recognizable shapes that speak to her audiences, they should enjoy a shape for what it is. To offer easy recognition, reads or decoding is not the intention or the only goal of a work. She wants the viewer to step out of a comfort zone. By not setting aside instinct to grab recognition; by having less to hold on to, they just might find more to revel in. She challenges them to let go of assurances, certitudes, moorings before taking flight into dreamscapes, other mindscapes.


Sunil Mehra


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