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Installation shoot of Ishita Chakraborty

Sleeping in the Bed of Salt by Ishita Chakraborty

Sleeping in the Bed of Salt by Ishita Chakraborty

August 26, 2023 – September 30, 2023

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For her first solo exhibition with Gallery Espace, the artist and poet Ishita Chakraborty creates a tightly interconnected exhibition employing different mediums and expressions of art, harnessing their poetic energies to facilitate resonances between places, bodies, and people. The exhibition with its cyanotypes, video and textiles shows resonances not only as a physical phenomena, but also as an ecosystem of transtemporal and translocal character. Poetry and resonance are shown as an inherently ambivalent setting of matter, waves, and knowledge, as a rationalized environment, but also as a place of irrational stories of lingering ghosts.

The idea of the Anthropocene proposes a superacceleration of evolutionary history, as the events do not cover millions or trillions of years, but merely a few decades or a few centuries at most. Yet we fail to recognize this consciously. We seem to ignore the daily traces of our cultures, histories, and technologies, the myriad signs and disturbances that can be discovered in tectonics, waters, soil, in animals, humans, and plants alike. The need for resonance has never been more acute.

If we are to create new forms of living with each other, new institutions, and shared social, economic, aesthetic and cultural practices, then the rethinking of our human condition, and reanimation of traditional as well as transcultural strands of philosophy and aesthetics, cannot merely be an abstract intellectual activity, but must instead be an embodiment of that connection and an enactment of an ecological relationship to the natural world of which we are an irreducible part.

Damian Christinger


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