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Shambhavi | Bhoomi

Shambhavi | Bhoomi

January 25, 2020 – February 24, 2020

Artworks in Exhibition

“Shambhavi Singh engages in orchestrating an aesthetic experience at the intersection of art and nature….’Bhoomi’ is reflective of Singh’s ongoing dialogue with the rural landscape, the farmer, their implements, surfaces and patterns within nature that connect, where form becomes a metaphor for both memory and identity. These patterns are those of relating and demonstrating the elaborate interconnectedness of the world in which we live… These landscapes…pictorialise creation, destruction and regeneration. Exploring the subtle levels of interplay between man, nature and art and the duality where everything is earth and connected, yet nothing remains complete in its original form.  It is Singh’s ability to seamlessly transpose naturally occurring and manmade patterns that connect the personal narrative and memory with an unavoidable connection, within sociopolitical realities and ecological concerns.”

Extract from Sasha Altaf’s catalogue essay


Installation Shots

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