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Recent Drawings & Sculpture by Amit Ambalal

Recent Drawings & Sculpture by Amit Ambalal

March 14, 2014 – April 5, 2014

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At an art material shop, accidentally, I encountered, a clay like substance. Their pure and basic colours which matched my colour palette, quickly caught my attention. This substance ended up to be rubber polymer clay, which with its tactile quality, responded and collaborated well with my thought process. And the application of it came closer to painting than sculpture, further leading to the feel of applying colours in space.

The elements visible in my work draw references from mostly what I see around, like – parrots in my mother’s courtyard that fly away the moment they feel human presence around them, the monkeys who sit on the roof of my studio and end up breaking tiles, picchvais from Nathdwara, daily newspapers and even pages from my older sketchbooks.

My pursuit with this colourful material, reminded me of the polychrome wooden toys and sculptures present in Vaishnava Havelis. Also being reminiscent of the elaborate pichhvais that are mostly used as backdrops for the image of Krishna- with its primary elements being cows, peacocks, monkeys, trees, clouds and gopis.

With the mind having a rather complex way of entertaining us ! My work has proceeded from picking up aspects from memory, experiences, perhaps even from past lives. As this gets executed in a way of its own, which happens most of the time serendipitously. But what is worth noting is that this increases only when one finds a suitable medium.

All such expressions of mind have a meaning that may be difficult to decipher, but these are the surprises that make me work.


Amit Ambalal.


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