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Pipe Dreams by Anjana Mehra

Pipe Dreams by Anjana Mehra

February 19, 2010 – March 6, 2010

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Deeply involved with the ruthless transience and violence of life, Anjana Mehra lets her work reflect the pain and grief of living. She paints dereliction and despair with the note of hope wrapping itself around the anxious structures and sundry materiality of building and industrial phenomena. Says Anjana Mehra: “The city has always been my muse, I have been chronicling its change and for my artworks, I have used black sand powder as it’s a popular building material and it also symbolizes the sheen and lure of the city.”

Well in control of the medium she uses, her technical capability gives her work the strength to absorb the shock and tenor that accompanies social upheavals, psychopathic obsessions and the finality of death. In her abstracts, she seems to seek relief from the self imposed harshness of vision and lets a certain degree of hope emerge from the debris of experience. The pipe, thus, becomes central to her as a form, an agent which aids articulation and an emotional statement. She wields it as a syntactical unit to speak spiritedly in the recent works.


Excerpt from an article by Roshan Sahani


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