Narratives of the Self: Autobiography

Narratives of the Self: Autobiography

January 28, 2012 – February 27, 2012

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Narratives of the Self: Autobiography is a collection of personal histories that have remained embedded in the subconscious mind of the artists. They are internalised thoughts, reminiscent of the past, stimulating the imagination and inspiring creation. Memories and impressions have been interwoven to formulate a visual language that follows diverse narratives. It incorporates a range of ideas and expressions that draw out a story which, when spread out, articulates an artist’s journey. Such invaluable visual narratives facilitate the surfacing of selective instances, emotions and reflections which may have once been suppressed, hidden away, buried, masked, obscured or even forgotten. For some it is a childhood memory, a grandmother’s tale, for others a repository, a travelogue or a documentary. These are significant tools to understand the course of creation, many a times giving unexpected and illuminating insight of their trajectory from conception to fruition.


Installation Shots

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