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Minimal Consciousness by Sheetal Gattani

Minimal Consciousness by Sheetal Gattani

November 4, 2022 – December 2, 2022

Artworks in Exhibition

Sheetal Gattani’s body of art displayed here – acrylic on canvas paintings, and charcoal and dry pastel on paper works – manifests a sense of order and expanding dimensions of colour with broad washes of paint laid one over the other, drawing the viewer into a dialogue to discover and peel away the layers in order to discern the colours hidden under. Alternately radiant and dark, Sheetal’s paintings are distinguished by a rare degree of sustained concentration on the pictorial properties of colour, surface, proportion and scale, accompanied by the conviction that these elements can reveal the presence of a higher ‘philosophical truth’. This truth that the artist seeks is not specific to a life situation; rather, it is a larger grappling with the fundamentals of human existence. Sheetal generally avoids explaining the content of her work, believing that the abstract image can directly represent the fundamental nature of ‘human drama’.

– Georgina Maddox


Installation Shots

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