Lava by Mrinalini Mukherjee

Lava by Mrinalini Mukherjee

April 15, 2010 – May 15, 2010

Artworks in Exhibition

The bronze pieces disclose the presence of an object at their center that resembles a pot at times, a wineskin at others – rounded like a colocynth with its scapes, its leaves and its stems. It is as if Mukherjee were revealing the different stages in the growth of a plant -from its birth under the foliage to the emergence of tubers and finally the majestic blossoming into the light of day. The leaves grow and spread around the axis of her works as if under the effect of a breath, under the impact of an irresistible force. The object that opens and blossoms before our eyes literally emerges from its womb, and in so doing, shows all the signs of its effort to come to light: the jagged, scalloped, serrated, random, indecisive, hesitant motifs, like so many caprices that might pass for natural laws. The body merges with the foliage and is thereby concealed from the eyes of mortals, like the gods or the woodland spirits in certain ancient cultures. As for the material that purports to embody it, it can thereupon only acknowledge the precious paradox of its metamorphoses by way of a lightening or a natural evaporation of sorts. In figuring before our eyes the transformation that gives birth to it, the material challenges its own gravity. It insinuates itself into the light like a body whose porosity makes it lose its cohesion and gain in fusion with the gaze directed at it.


Henry-Claude Cousseau

Translated from the French by Gila Walker



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