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Installation shoot of INK 1 (1)



October 13, 2023 – November 17, 2023

Artworks in Exhibition

Ink has a well-established legacy of use as graphic medium. It is versatile, lending itself to a variety of linear and tonal effects, at once vivid and subtle, precise and detailed, spontaneous and studied. INK brings together a selection of works by artists known for their affinity for and sustained exploration of the medium. Artworks in ink have a stark drama, the play of black and white creating a spare aesthetic shorn of superfluity. In Jeram Patel’s works, for instance, amorphous shapes emerge like dark clouds from paper white, constructed with fluid strokes of the brush, ranging from opaque black to translucent grey. In Husain’s two ink drawings, the unbroken, expressive line moves freely to create recognizable forms in outline, with sudden intrusions of dense black forming shaded volume.

Generally on a small scale, there is an intimacy about ink drawings. It is as if the artist were speaking to himself, chronicling fleeting impressions and inspirations, honing his craft, testing its possibilities, working out ideas or resolving problems, in the intimate, handier dimensions of his sketchbook – the lines and forms unplanned and unfolding, according to the logic of space and volumes. Many of the works in this exhibition have been drawn from, or are extensions of the artists’ sketchbook practice. They share, thus, a discernible kinship with the artists’ larger, ambitious works on canvas in oils/acrylics.


Installation Shots

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