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April 25, 2013 – June 1, 2013

Artworks in Exhibition

Mekhala Bahl | Anjali Deshmukh |Ranu Mukherjee | Shalina Vichitra.

The ‘Grain’ – a minute, indivisible, omnipresent entity – is the beginning of anything that is formed and the end into which all forms collapse. The diversity of the word ‘Grain’ allows it to seep into anything, regardless of shape, culture, being or emotion. From a shaft of light and texture of paper to the expanse of deserts and a meal of rice; the ‘Grain’ metamorphoses itself into inherent patters, spiritual planes, nature’s topography and tangents of human-nature relationships through the works of the four artists.

Within its diversity the ‘Grain’ can be attributed to the ‘bindu’, from which all life and form emanates and converges. The four artists in this exhibition create their personal synonyms for ‘Grain’ by diverging into subjective renditions of an attempt to define this term in their distinctive practices. The viewer is ridden through utopias of understanding and subjective deconstruction to untangle situations, memories, emotions and journeys; only to discover the complex simplicity of the ‘Grain’.


Excerpts from the essay by Veeranganakumari Solanki


Installation Shots

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