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Diary Entries

Diary Entries

January 22, 2016 – January 20, 2016

Artworks in Exhibition

With the technological turn of the last two decades, the diary as a minor domestic literary form appears to have diminished. Yet through the 20th century, despite its private nature, the diary has provided structure for film and served as aid to the artist’s sketchbook. It has borne witness, challenged power structures and served as a site for critical investigation and meditations on art and media. At different times, there have been entire groups of diaryists among artists and writers, whose popularity is a testimony to the reader’ faith in the ‘truth’ of the form.

In trying to understand the medium, the diary bears comparison to the mirror:  it is the only form that reflects the singular gaze – even as it can make a play for fiction, scrambling time and dodging memory.

The artists in the exhibition, five women, create a play of different intentions. The making of a city – breakdown and reconstruction, presence and absence, and the subject of death flow through the work. Selective memory and erasure, the act of writing, and lateral connections mark the cusp of the public and the private. Significantly, the show emphasizes the non objective, where art speaks through signs, marks and evocations.

Gayatri Sinha


Installation Shots

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