Couple of Differences by Karl Antao

Couple of Differences by Karl Antao

November 10, 2010 – November 30, 2010

Artworks in Exhibition

The show ‘Couple of Differences’ is a satire on the interplay of the educated mind and situations wherein circumstances are manipulated to create an environment that is conducive to one’s advantage. The series of works highlight the crucial issue of lack of accountability in the society and the flourishing of ‘accusatory exchanges’ amongst the denizens. The sculptures have an extraordinary fantastical attribute but they are also solidly embedded in ground reality. The works make references to the dilemmas, which propelled by human desire, contribute to redrawing of existing socio-political vulnerabilities. Karl employs his mastery in carving and through the medium of burma teak and sevan wood brings to life these spectacular works. The depth and variation of wood tone and grain in maintained in the multi-textured surface of the megalithic sculptures which also contain subtle details, features and sentiments that demand a closer study of the works.


Installation Shots

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