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April 12, 2017 – May 13, 2017

Artworks in Exhibition

A(void) is the sum total of everything it does not contain.

If shadows add a fourth dimension to an object, what function does one ascribe to a void? Can it be imagined like a womb, fecund even when barren? Felt even when biologically absent?

Both Dilip Chobisa and Tanmoy Samanta proffer the womb as their wellspring, a peculiar proposition for two male artists to self-generate. Samanta describes the void as full of darkness and silence, “something that contains my little dwellings and the throbs of life”. Chobisa contends that darkness is silence, and perceives silence as the storehouse of his anger. Both artists excavate the void through the prism of memory. The empty spaces that evolve in the process of their art making are actually deeply layered, introspective, open-ended and revelatory.

(Excerpt taken from the exhibition essay by Rosalyn Dmello)


Installation Shots

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