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Installation shoot of Vasudevan Akkitham

Arrival & Departures by Vasudevan Akkitham

Arrival & Departures by Vasudevan Akkitham

January 13, 2024 – February 25, 2024

Artworks in Exhibition

The works by Vasudevan Akkitham in this show were done from 2018 to 2023. They are products of a consistent and disciplined practice of an artist, deeply engaged with the world of art as viewer, as witness, as pedagogue and practitioner. The works are limited to his preferred media — oil on canvas, and more recently, water color on paper. The titles of the paintings are pithy, unburdened, always unambiguous: “Home”; “Reverie” “Voyage”, “Harbor”, “Departure”. Sometimes, the titles are two-worded: “The Wall’; “The Dream”; “The Room”; “City Square”; “Chained City”. The pictorial symbols that recur in the paintings are likewise elemental, almost archetypal: home, boy, ladder, boat, sky, elephant, ship, girl, deer, table, cot, tree. The paintings are visually compelling, captivating — in keeping with the artist’s sustained journey of plumbing the surface, of exploring paint not just as material and currency, but as something far more personal and meaningful.

Akkitham is a painter’s painter, his concerns have always been private and painterly: the relations between figure and ground, between figuration and abstraction; the challenge of color and his changing demands of it; the quest for harmony, stability and order amidst threats of dissipation, intemperance and turbulence — these are the kinds of encounters, pleasures, obsessions and anxieties that have preoccupied him as an artist. They have drawn him, again and again, to the classical traditions of the great masters, who have wrestled with these issues in their works and lives. In the paintings on display in this show, Vasu has yielded fully to the seductions of the canvas to attend to these pictorial matters — this time, on his own terms, and at his own pace.

Kirtana Thangavelu


Installation Shots

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