… and the dots connect now by manisha gera baswani

… and the dots connect now by manisha gera baswani

April 2, 2022 – May 20, 2022

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Manisha Gera Baswani immerses her practice in the curative act of repair, even in the placebo effect. The human body – her own and that of others – is foundational to this show. Some years ago, Gera witnessed a life-changing heart surgery on a close family member. As she nurtured the patient back to health, she would see how the stitches held the skin together to heal. They were the second layer of medical intervention – the first being surgical cuts to fix malfunctioning arteries. At the time, she marvelled at the contradicting acts doctors follow – mutilating the body to repair it. As she repeated her care-giver routine each day, she began to see how similar the red stitches were to the sacred mauli – the red cotton thread commonly used in rituals. This nudged her onto a new trajectory, visible in this show.

– Bharati Chaturvedi


Installation Shots

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