September 9, 2016 – October 8, 2016

Artworks in Exhibition

One day you said to me, “The best films are the ones we screen inside the cinema of our minds”. I thought to myself, they get made on the cheap but they don’t get made easily.


…We might as well say there is no good or bad art. There are just interested or bored visitors in a gallery. There are fans, foes and foremen who chatter endlessly in the front seats and in the balcony.  And then there are those empty seats in the middle. The public of the future. The ones whom we wait for and who wait for us, always. So the artist does his work and gets on with it. There is so much waiting to be unmade. So many people have still not seen things with their eyes shut tight. Like you have.




The image comes unbidden, and stays on, because the first camera has no lens. The first computer has no hard drive. The first phone call has no ringtone. The first pen has no nib. The first photocopier has no ink. The first printer does not print. The first anything is not a mark, move or gesture that subtends an emptiness and makes it divisible. The first does not count. It starts the count.  Ekam a Dvitiya. The first has no other, the first is the second. This, you explained to me the other day, is technology.


From ‘A Letter to Ashok Ahuja’ – Shuddhabrata Sengupta, August 2016


Installation Shots

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