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All I Have Learned and Forgotton

All I Have Learned and Forgotton

December 13, 2013 – January 11, 2014

Artworks in Exhibition

To fall in the void as I fell…simple fell, indefinitely, for an indefinite length of time…Since there were no reference points, I had no idea whether my fall was fast or slow… there weren’t even any proofs that I was really falling: perhaps I had always remained immobile in the same place, or I was moving in an upward direction; since there was no above or below, these were only nominal questions and so I might just as well go on thinking I was falling, as I was naturally led to think.”

– Italo Calvino

Looking upon Tanmoy Samanta’s body of work, the viewer experiences a similar sense of dislocation. That which one thought familiar, objects that were recognised at once by their contours, are rendered incomprehensible; the form and function no longer conforming to the expectations of habit and memory. Tanmoy plays with ideas of learning, remembering and forgetting; the act of naming things, transforming objects and things into mnemonic devices that allow us to recall immediately their associative usage, and then cleverly subverting any easy meaning-making through the erasure of context and location.


(Excerpt from the essay by Latika Gupta)


Installation Shots

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