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TAP 4X: Cabinet of Curiosities by Anuj Ambalal

Gallery Espace’s presentation for TAP 4X is a photo series by Anuj Ambalal. Shot inside antique dealers’ warehouses on an old 35 mm Pentax camera as well as a digital camera, they depict an assortment of miscellaneous objets d’art – ceramic animal figurines arranged in neat rows in glass display cabinets; tulip-shaped vases held up by cherubs; busts of clowns with exaggerated smiles; ruddy-cheeked English boys and women in Victorian gowns and bonnets; balustrades with intricate designs, carved wooden pillars and hand-painted doors; vintage radio sets and old table clocks; and even a life-size lion standing on a table.

The Challenge of Abstraction – by Ranjit Hoskote

Gallery Espace presents ‘An online lecture – The Challenge of Abstraction, By Ranjit Hoskote’. The talk is being held in conjunction with ‘Abstract Notations ‘, an online exhibition curated by Jesal Thacker.

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