Sojwal Samant



Sojwal Samant

Sojwal Samant is an artist who has over the years explored diverse mediums. The artist has been able to enthrall audiences by her meticulously rendered pieces in Ceramic and allied materials.  From wall mounted reliefs, free standing sculptures and installations, Sojwal has also expanded her horizons by venturing into digital and video art also. Through her works, Sojwal constantly not only raises a query on what is right, and also goes on to assist viewers to question or enquire. Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, Gujrat, Sojwal followed it with a Diploma and Post Diploma in Sculpture from the same Art School. It was in the year 1999 that she went to the prestigious  Ecole des Beaux Arts, France under a three month exchange programme.  Sojwal has to her credit numerous group presentations held both in India and overseas.

The artist lives and works in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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