Valay Gada

Valay Gada

Valay Gada is an artist and designer whose works reflect his concerns linked to the impact of rapid urbanization and man’s relationship with nature. Valay’s sculptures of botanical forms, scaled up to larger than life proportions, articulate a heightened artistic appreciation of nature’s beauty, as also the importance of plants in climate change and as a sources of therapy.

Born into a Jain family, Jainism’s core tenets of non-violence, asceticism and mindful living have closely shaped Valay’s aesthetics. His works emphasise the inter-connectedness of living things, the understanding that every action has the potential to cause suffering to another and one of the keys to contain this is to consume ethically and sustainably. As his work matures it has become more political in its response to human and animal rights, freedom of speech and sexuality.

Valay has shown internationally at galleries/fairs in the UK (Manchester Art Gallery), Germany, Australia (National Art School, Sydney) and India. Besides private commissions for individuals as well as institutions his work is in the collection of the Manchester Art Gallery. He received the “Elle Décor International Design Award” for Young Talent of the Year 2014 and “Trends Excellence in Architecture and Design” award 2016.

Valay lives and works in New Delhi.

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