Tanmoy Samanta

Tanmoy Samanta


Tanmoy Samanta’s iconographic representations of everyday objects are rendered in an unfamiliar light by building a composition through multiple layers of rice paper with gouache colours. This instinctive rendition of objects and their relation to the other elements in the composition draws a deeper search for the viewer, for there is mystery concealed in the many layers. With geometric abstraction he gives form to recognisable objects heightened by the treatment of colours and translucency. His division of space, the illusion of depth and, the blurring  out and sharpening in of contours gives his composition a very surreal outcome which is imbued with symbolism. With close attention, one discovers subtle twists, which aim to shake the ground of any visual security.

Tanmoy Samanta was born in West Bengal and received his art education from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan. Tanmoy Samanta has displayed his works at Gallery Espace; New Delhi; Tarq and CSMVS, Mumbai; Anant Art Gallery, Kolkata; The Gallery in Cork Street, London. He has been presented in many art fairs across the world including Dubai, Dhaka and the Indian Art Fair. He has been a fellow at the Vermont Studio Centre, USA [2014] and is also, the recipient of the 2003 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award.

Tanmoy Samanta lives and works in New Delhi.


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