Shambhavi (born 1966) is a painter, printmaker, and installation artist currently based in New Delhi, India. Her artistic practice includes a wide variety of processes and media. Her work is largely non-figurative and focuses on the relationship between man and nature, as well as the social and metaphysical condition of the agricultural worker.

Shambhavi’s work is grounded in her upbringing in Bihar, which she said “nurtured and evolved her creative language.” But her extensive travels abroad – she has taken part in several art projects in the Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore – helped to clarify her interest in the relationship between nature and man. Shambhavi has worked in paint, printmaking, sculpture, video installation, and other new media.

Her work has been exhibited in solo shows as well as selected group shows in India, Singapore, Austria (Vienna & Salzburg), South Africa (Durban & Cape Town), Australia (Melbourne & Brisbane), New York, and the Netherlands. Her work was recently added to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The most recent showcase of her work has been at the 2018 Kochi Muzhiris Biennale.

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