G R Iranna

G R Iranna


G R Iranna’s subtle treatment of quasi-abstract form is suggestive of his attempt to understand the impermanence of life around. This evokes a human vulnerability defining the very fragility of life. His fascination with ash stems from the everyday rituals and also, of what ash in itself represents. For him, ash is inseparable from birth and death, thus amounting to the return to nothing-ness, after coming full circle. Consequently, his works are an evolved appreciation of religious poetry, myth and loss and, a spiritual quest.

Iranna’s works have been exhibited in numerous galleries which include Gallery Espace, New Delhi; The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai; Aicon Gallery, London; Berkeley Square Gallery, London; Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture, Cairo; Gallery Martini, Hong Kong. His work is part of collections at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi; Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal; Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; Singapore Art Museum; SAM Museum, USA and others, including personal collections at Mumbai, Delhi, Germany, Holland, Austria, Paris, Switzerland & elsewhere.

Iranna is a recipient of the ABPF Foundation’s Signature Art Prize- Singapore Art Museum Jury Award [2008]; Harmony Show Artist of the Year Award, Harmony Foundation, Mumbai [2004]; Charles Wallace Scholarship between 1999 and 2000; 40th National Academy Award from Lalit Kala Akademi and the AIFACS Award in 1997. In 2007, GR Iranna’s artwork was the subject of a publication: The Dancer on the Horse by Ranjit Hoskote and, he was also written about in INDIA 20: Conversations with Contemporary Artists by Anupa Mehta.

The artist lives and works in New Delhi.


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