The keeping away is pulling me in-Avishek-Sen

Avishek Sen

Avishek Sen

Avishek Sen’s works tantalises the senses through the flow of colours and the subtle hints of glitter. His works play out the complexity of our sensual desires instead of living in denial. Sen’s conflation of different animal forms into one body or the growth of one from the other is a gestural depiction of the multiple identities, indicating the many facets to a personality. He exposes a naked interior to a guarded exterior. Cleverly he creates a moment of great anticipation by stopping at a point where one is left wanting for more. His medium of choice is rightfully water colour, and to it he adds a bit of glitter and a glimpse of lust. His works have been displayed in Gallery Espace, New Delhi; Aicon Gallery, New York; Albion Gallery, London; Apparao Galleries, New Delhi; CIMA Gallery, Kolkata to name a few. He has also participated in numerous art fairs including India Art Fair, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Art Singapore and Scope, New York. He has been the recipient of the National Scholarship awarded by the HRD Ministry, Government of India in 2000.   The artist lives and works in New Delhi.


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