Akshay Raj Singh Rathore

Akshay Raj Singh Rathore

Akshay Raj Singh Rathore is an artist whose practice centers on the realities of the ground. His critique begins from right under the ground and stretches to the glamourized constructions over the ground. Rathore, through his works, states the mindless un-sustainability of the modes of agriculture to keep up with the demands of the market, which in turn destroys the soil. Furthering his investigation, his works also make aware the viewer of the consequences of the rampant and rapid urbanization over the ground. He points to a packaged consumerism, which holds stories of inequality, of exploitation and of colossal abuse.

His mediums range from painting to sculptural installations, from videos to performance-based social experiments, from clay and mud to barbed wire and steel.

His works have been exhibited at Gallery Espace, New Delhi; Les Maisons du Voyage, Paris; Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and many others in and outside India. He has been part of several residencies including KHOJ [2013, 2012 and 2009] and Pro Helvetia—Swiss Arts Council [2012]. Interestingly, he also is developing the mode of video games into an art form.

The artist lives and works in Paris


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