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Waswo at India Art Fair 2023

India Art Fair 2023 | Last Ride in the Wild, Wild East

India Art Fair 2023 | Last Ride in the Wild, Wild East

February 9 – February 12

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Last Ride in the Wild, Wild East
Waswo X. Waswo in collaboration with Chirag Kumawat, Dalpat Jinger & R. Vijay

Our current age seems posed at the precipice of ecological destruction, political polarization, and the global rise of invasive technologies and authoritarianism. None of this has been a uniquely Indian problem, yet, having lived here for over two decades, I’ve seen both rapid development and also a loss of the simple freedoms and joys we now nostalgically refer to as “The Old India”.

According to Hinduism, we are living in the Kali Yuga, the last of four ages: an age of decadence, materialism, and destruction, that will lead to the end of the world. This final “last judgement” (to use a referential Christian metaphor) will be heralded by the entry of the deity Kalki (the final incarnation of Vishnu) into the world upon a winged horse. Kalki will put an end to the chaos and immorality of the Kali Yuga. In this series I prefer the term Kala Yug, for its emphasis on art and darkness and dark times, though those times often glitter with gold.

Last Ride in the Wild, Wild, East, weaves together several major threads… a poignant thread of nostalgia for a recently lost and more comprehensible past, a wild thread of optimistic modernism, and a sombre thread of anticipatory doom. Kalki indeed begins to enter the world we thought our personal playground.

The artwork itself takes a leap from our previous norms, inserting a heady realism in close proximity with utopian miniature landscapes. R. Vijay, though still involved as my long-time collaborator, has taken a peripheral role in this collaboration, allowing the younger artists Chirag Kumawat and Dalpat Jingar to take centre stage.

This body of work is a wild journey through both uncharted and familiar landscapes. Enjoy the ride, while it lasts.

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