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India Art Fair 2020

India Art Fair 2020

January 30 – February 2

Artworks in Art Fair

Art Fair Description

NSIC Exhibition Grounds
Okhla Industrial Estate
New Delhi, 11020

This year we present an exciting selection of works by Zarina, Manjunath Kamath, GR Iranna, Chitra Ganesh, Waswo X. Waswo & R. Vijay, Ravi Agarwal, Dilip Chobisa, Shambhavi, Harendra Khushwaha & Somnath Hore the celebrated Bengal artist. We are pleased to share with you highlights of Gallery Espace’s exposition at India Art Fair 2020. The Espace booth, number B04, will include an exciting of array of artworks by eleven artists. Among them are three works – two paper works and a sculpture — in gold tones by Zarina, the veteran artist known for her abstract, minimalist practice touching upon themes of memory, place and loss. Zarina also has a large show on at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, of artworks spanning many decades of her practice. Manjunath Kamath, who wowed the Emirati audiences with his solo presentation at Abu Dhabi Art in November 2019, will show a large painting – a triptych, while GR Iranna has a set of bronze sculptures that extend into new directions the paduka motif he used so conically in his wall installation ‘Naavu’ at the 58th Venice Biennale. Chitra Ganesh presents two mixed media paintings in characteristic comic-book style, with elements drawn from Indian iconography, feminist literature, American popular culture and contemporary technology; and Waswo X. Waswo & R. Vijay a large and intricate, gold-edged miniature featuring a caricature suited man from the Westin India – a fixture of their paintings. Artist and ecologist Ravi Agarwal, also part of the booth, has a photographic diptych, one that makes a quiet, reflective point on today’s turbulent politics; while Manisha Gera Baswani shows her recent pin drawings. Kolkata-based Harendra Kushwaha’s exquisite paper relief sculptures will be a highlight, as will the watercolours of Shambhavi, who is having a solo show running concurrently at the gallery. A special focus of the booth will be suite of small-format pen and paper sketches by Somnath Hore. The celebrated Bengal modernist artist, better known as a sculptor and print-maker, was a master of the line, capturing with a few bold scratches and strokes, a world of human emotions and attitudes. We hope this exposition will present Hore in a new light to collectors and connoisseurs in the capital.

Artists in Art Fair

Installation Shots

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