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Hongkong Art Fair 2012

Hongkong Art Fair 2012

May 17 – May 20

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Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

My work explores specific colonial moments that reinvent place and identity as a complex diasporic experience, their aesthetic and cultural beginnings suggest in particular how the “many” in regional culture affects continue to stain our perceptions of home, the exotic, the foreign and domestic worlds.

My identity channels with a hyper connectivity that allows both the foreign and the domestic to be visible as a system and a language spawned out of a rough cut colonial past and reconfigured for today. The sculptures are so often produced as an assemblage of colonial objects, souvenirs and handicraft industries and make the experience of seeing artifact and its particular kind of labor as a legitimate with complex history in art making, often diminished by the privileged machine made clean minimalism attributed to western modernism/industrialising world. The work favors the fragile, clumsy, awkward, the discarded, the precious, the dense crevasses of colonial exchanges that continue to create disparate worlds of value in this expanding commerce of Asia. In the vast dialogue that frames the East as less is the continued conversation in the contemporary arts to define it as a dead culture, isolated without originality, leadership, and growth and un-evolved/unsophisticated.

Entangled as the former colonies rest on the Western eye/gaze the process of reconfiguration, identity still plays like pac-man on how our boundaries are experienced and who is defined by trespasses. Increased mobility is freedom and freedom is for sale, has a price that only some can afford. The title, name and category of “diaspora” continues to be placed on the lesser half, to mark their trespasses, an escape out of homeland and into their lands. The global here is a new marking that can potentially recover all places into one place…a garden of travel, sinus, serpentine, without beginning and end who can end the fairytale of these giants that have grown to be a nightmare for some.

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