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Abu Dhabi Art 2020

Abu Dhabi Art 2020

November 19 – March 26

Artworks in Art Fair

Art Fair Description

‘Inscriptions in Space & Time’ presents a selection of recent works by six artists. In a variety of different mediums and artistic idioms, they evoke an alternate, imagined landscape drawn from reality, coloured by perception and memory.

G.R. Iranna’s ‘Untitled’ diptych, for instance, conflates the real and the surreal to create a strange allegorical land where monks make music under lush canopies. Similarly Karl Antao’s finely carved teakwood torsos are an admixture of the playful and the subconscious, fused with elements from daily life.
Mekhala Bahl’s engagement, in contrast, is with the external world, but it’s the psychological and emotive states that lie beneath that she uncovers with her complex layering and mark-making. Puneet Kaushik uses hand-craft forms, especially little-practised ones like Tibetan bead-work and tufting, to conjure up abstract, imagined vistas. Shambhavi’s works are lit by the effulgent glow of childhood memories of holidays spent in her village home – the sun falling on
ripening paddy fields, or the sky seen through the ground smoke of the rustic stoves. Waswo X. Waswo & R. Vijay’s detailed works mimic the idealised landscape of Indian miniatures. But the modern, white-skinned ‘Fedora man’ present in most of them complicates the narrative, introducing ideas and attitudes more in keeping with current times and debates.

Artists in Art Fair

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