Established in 1989 in New Delhi, Gallery Espace opened with the autobiographical work by legendary artist M F Husain. Built on the artistic vision of its Founder, Renu Modi, Espace has consistently worked with an inter-disciplinary approach over the past thirty years. This visionary commitment is reflected in the diversity of the exhibitions presented and the artists represented by the gallery. Some of the artists associated with Espace are: Zarina Hashmi, Nilima Sheikh, Amit Ambalal, Manjunath Kamath, G R Iranna, Ravi Agarwal, Chitra Ganesh, Chintan Upadhyay, Waswo X Waswo with R. Vijay, Manisha Gera Baswani, Dilip Chobisa and Samit Das.

Uninhibited and bold, Gallery Espace has shaped the course of art movements and happenings, with exhibitions and projects that stretch the expanse from Drawing to Video, from Stills to Performance, and from Terracotta to Bronze. This is documented in the culmination of seminal exhibitions such as Drawing’94 [1994], Bronze [2006], Nilima Sheikh’s Drawing Trails [2009], A Cry from the Narrow Between [2010], Video Wednesday [2012], Drawing Show [2014], Drawings from 1960-2000 [2015], Diary Entries [2016], A Tale of Two Cities [2016], Zarina Hashmi’s Weaving Darkness and Silence [2018], to name a few.

The Gallery also houses critical publications, which have contributed immensely to the discourse and study of modern and contemporary art. This includes: Weaving Darkness—Zarina Hashmi, Trace-Retrace—Nilima Sheikh, Flux—Ravi Agarwal, Confessions of an Evil Orientalist—Waswo X Waswo, Bronze—Celebrating Centenary of Ramkinker Baij and many more.

Committed to its inter-disciplinary approach, Gallery Espace has embarked on cross-cultural artistic exchanges, which lends to a realization of works dealing with issues of contemporary society. With this emerge many narratives and perspectives that contributes to a rich heritage of thought, intellect and artistic practices.

Espace continuously aims to foster relationships with institutions and artists bringing about active discourses around art, scholarship and the expansion of what constitutes to the meaning of art.