Video Wednesdays
Concept& Direction:
  Kabir Mohanty

Kabir Mohanty is a filmmaker and a video artist. His films and videos have been shown at the Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Torino, Hawaii, Bilbao, Bombay and World Wide Video Festivals. As a filmmaker he has worked mainly as part of an ensemble that includes a cinematographer, a sound recordist, actors, an editor. His video work tends to be more solo, though some of his filmmaking modes enter.

In the last few years most of these works, have been in digital video. Sometimes they are to be viewed in a darkened room with stereo sound, the way we view projected works in the moving image. At other times they are video and sound installations.

For his film work he has been the recipient of the Hubert Bals Fund Award, Rotterdam Film Festival; Fond Sud Award, France; and a grant from the Prince Claus Fund, Netherlands. For his video work he has received a collaboration grant from the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore with sound recordist and designer, Vikram Joglekar.

He studied filmmaking at the University of Iowa with filmmaker Leighton Pierce and film theorist Dudley Andrew, and earlier Economics at Presidency College, Calcutta.

Between September 2002 and June 2004 he was a Visiting Artist in the Art Department, UCLA.

In August 2009 he will be mounting a Solo Show with Chatterjee and Lal Gallery, Bombay. In 2006 he had a Solo Show with GallerySKE, Bangalore where dwelling was first shown as an installation.

He lives in Bombay. His colleagues over the years in that city have included Piyush Shah, Rafey Mehmood, Paresh Kamdar, D.Wood, Bahauddin Dagar, Resul Pookutty, Setu and Biju Dhanapalan; and outside the city Amitabh Chakraborty, Madhav Chari, Vikram Joglekar and more recently Padmini Chettur. He feels this has been a vital source of the work.